Submit the invoice at the point of purchase within ten (10) calendar days after delivery of the product.

It should be noted that:

  • The pieces on final sale or with discount, have no change.
  • The changes of the pieces will always correspond to the value at which they were purchased.
  • When the client wishes to change the piece for one of greater value, the client must pay the difference; and if it is of lesser value, the money is not returned, and a balance will be made in favor of the client.
  • The piece must not have been used and must be in the same condition as it was delivered.
  • Shipment must be made using the same box and/or bag in which it was received to protect the product. If the box and/or bag with which it was delivered cannot be obtained, the Client must return it in a protective box so that the product arrives at the offices of Buenahora S.A.S. with the maximum possible guarantees.
  • A copy of the electronic delivery invoice must be included in the package, labeling the products that are being returned and stating the reason for the return.
  • In no case will there be a refund.
  • Pieces with a discount or on final sale can only be changed due to legal guarantee. These pieces do not admit return.


It only applies to purchases online and the maximum term to exercise the right of withdrawal will be five (05) business days from the delivery of the piece(s), and the money will be refunded to the customer within a term of fifteen ( 15) business days as long as the following requirements are met:

The customer must return the piece(s) to Buenahora S.A.S. without these having been used, by the same means and in the same conditions in which they were received.
Transportation costs and other costs involved in the return of the piece(s) will be covered by the customer.

Parts manufactured by express request of the client are exempt from the right of withdrawal. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the client must notify by email customercare@michu.com.co of the decision to exercise the right of withdrawal within the established period. After the pieces are received by Buenahora S.A.S. in the same state in which they were sent, the refund of the money paid will be made. Shipping costs for the right of withdrawal will be assumed by the client.


Buenahora S.A.S. offers the guarantee on the products purchased, under the terms established by law, responding for defects in quality, suitability, safety, and good condition of the products offered. The warranty term established for the products offered by the Michù Bags brand is one (01) month for all handcrafted pieces and one (01) month for accessories (fans).

Buenahora S.A.S. products are handmade, so they may have special and natural characteristics associated with the materials used in their manufacturing process. That can sometimes generate variation in texture or differences in the characteristics from one product to another, which can never be considered a defect, and therefore does not apply as a guarantee.

The warranty for accessories (fans) will be one (01) month from the date of purchase, and exclusively covers factory damage such as the metal harp.

Warranty does not cover the following: damage caused by accident, abuse, neglect, dropping, misuse or improper storage of the product, unauthorized modifications or repairs, and normal wear and tear.

To fulfill the warranty, it must be within the term of the warranty, and submit the product to a review by a specialist.

Once the legal warranty term expires, the customer must assume payment for any revision, diagnosis, repair and/or replacement required by the accessories (fans) and wallets.

The guarantee is covered by repair or change according to the criteria of Buenahora S.A.S., and the provisions of the norms that regulate the matter. There are grounds for loss of the guarantee if the client decides to make modifications to the piece.

When the parts are purchased through the official distributors of Buenahora S.A.S., which are published on the website www.michu.com.co, the warranty request must be made directly to the Distributor.

To fulfill the warranty of the pieces, the customer must consider the following:

If the defect cannot be repaired, it will be replaced by an equal model. If the model is not available, the customer may exchange it for any other piece of the same or greater value, paying the difference.

If the total change of the product for another occurs, the warranty term will begin to run again in its entirety from the moment of replacement. If one or several pieces or parts of the good are changed, they will have their own guarantee.

The term of the legal warranty will begin to run from the delivery of the product to the customer.

Warranty repairs will be made within a period of approximately one (01) month, counted from the date on which the part is received.

National and international shipping costs of the warranties will be borne by Buenahora S.A.S..

It is understood that the products are compliant provided that i) they conform to the description made by Michù Bags ii) they have the qualities presented, iii) they are suitable for the uses to which products of the same type are ordinarily intended and iv) they present the quality and usual features of a product of the same type.


Buenahora S.A.S. will be exonerated from the responsibility derived from the warranty, when it proves that the defect comes from:
The improper use of the product by the Client.
When the Client did not follow the instructions for the care of the product (see Product Care).
The term of guarantee has been completed.

In case the client wants to make a repair of his piece with Buenahora S.A.S. and the warranty term has expired, the term for the repair will be approximately one (01) month from the date on which the piece is received and the value for said concept must be assumed by the customer. If required, shipping costs will be borne by the customer.

We reserve the right to receive references for repairs, which Buenahora S.A.S. considers are very old, and may hinder the normal repair process due to lack of materials.

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We appreciate your interest in consulting the GENERAL CONDITIONS OF USE AND PURCHASE POLICIES.

Generally, we recommend that you:

• Avoid overloading your bag
• Avoid rubbing against abrasive materials
• Shield from moisture, light and heat.
• Avoid contact with liquids and solvents.
• Store your accessory in its dust bag when not in use.

Pieces made of Leather:
Nobouck leather.- Nobouck leather must always be cleaned dry. Rub with a brush in the same direction or use a chamois eraser to remove dirt and/or marks. Avoid contact with water or jeans, as this type of leather can cause color transfer.

General recommendations for Leather:
• Protect the product from dyes, perfumes, hand creams, corrosive substances or garments, such as jeans that discolor and stain the leather.
• Avoid exposing the leather to strong sources of heat.
• Do not use cleaning fluids or household detergents to clean leather.

Pieces made of Fiber:
In general, be careful when using objects such as bracelets, watches, rings that can break the fiber and liquids that can affect the color.